an arnold plugin for massive software rendering

release 1.0.1

relevant closed tickets

#56add a way to pass user data to geometries.enhancementmassive2arnold core plugin2013/03/20
Description[ polymesh]
a way to add user data to geometries
#50better subdivdefectmassive2arnold core plugin2013/03/12
Description[ displacement ]
a new catClarkLoops displacement attribute controlls the number of loops for each geometry
#54BOOL or BOOLEANenhancementmassive2arnold core plugin2013/03/05
Description[ shading ]
attribute type inside XML shaders for booleans can be now BOOL or BOOLEAN
#53matrix scale and parented geometriesdefectmassive2arnold core plugin2013/03/06
Description[ polymesh ]
seems the scaling fix introduced on massiveArnoldRibReader on revision 84, broke support of parented (unskinned) geometries.
This has been fixed.
#52attribute type on cdlenhancementmassive2arnold core plugin2013/02/28
Description[ shading ]
added support for cdl files with the parameter type along with the name of the shader attribute