an arnold plugin for massive software rendering


automatically accesible

    The following user data values are automatically exported for each agent's geometry and hair

 · massiveAgentID    [ a unique id for each character generated by massive ] AI_TYPE_FLOAT
 · massiveAgentType   [ an id to identify different types of agents ] AI_TYPE_FLOAT

user defined

    You can also set any shader parameter as user data exportable by defining them with the keyword
    AiUDATA before their name inside your cdl files

 shader 5 "renderpass_PRMAN" "Aistandard" "Kd" [0.8] "AiUDATAKs" [0.15]
    If the parameters you want as user data is not present on the arnold shader you're using, you need to
    specify their types.
    They should be typed as arnold internally knows them.
    Here's a list of supported ones:


 shader 5 "renderpass_PRMAN" "Aistandard" "Kd" [0.8] "AI_TYPE_RGB AiUDATACustomColor" [0.15 0.0 0.15]