an arnold plugin for massive software rendering

level of detail

There's a level of detail implementation, that implies no interpolation, but that could be useful to assign on rendertime, different cdl files for agents depending on their distance to camera.

 name arnoldMassive
 dso ""
 load_at_init on

 declare arnoldMassive_LOD_1_TYPE_1_OUT constant STRING
 arnoldMassive_LOD_1_TYPE_1 "/absolute/path/to/your/first_LOD_agent_A.cdl"
 declare arnoldMassive_LOD_1_TYPE_1_IN constant STRING
 arnoldMassive_LOD_1_TYPE_1_OUT "/absolute/path/to/your/original_agent_A.cdl"
 declare arnoldMassive_LOD_1_TYPE_1_limit constant FLOAT
 arnoldMassive_LOD_1_TYPE_1_limit 1350

 declare arnoldMassive_LOD_1_TYPE_2_OUT constant STRING
 arnoldMassive_LOD_1_TYPE_2 "/absolute/path/to/your/first_LOD_agent_B.cdl"
 declare arnoldMassive_LOD_1_TYPE_2_IN constant STRING
 arnoldMassive_LOD_1_TYPE_2_OUT "/absolute/path/to/your/original_agent_B.cdl"
 declare arnoldMassive_LOD_1_TYPE_2_limit constant FLOAT
 arnoldMassive_LOD_1_TYPE_2_limit 1350

 declare arnoldMassive_LOD_2_TYPE_1_OUT constant STRING
 arnoldMassive_LOD_2_TYPE_1 "/absolute/path/to/your/second_LOD_agent_A.cdl"
 declare arnoldMassive_LOD_2_TYPE_1_IN constant STRING
 arnoldMassive_LOD_2_TYPE_1_OUT "/absolute/path/to/your/original_agent_A.cdl"
 declare arnoldMassive_LOD_2_TYPE_1_limit constant FLOAT
 arnoldMassive_LOD_2_TYPE_1_limit 1500

 declare arnoldMassive_LOD_2_TYPE_2_OUT constant STRING
 arnoldMassive_LOD_2_TYPE_2 "/absolute/path/to/your/second_LOD_agent_B.cdl"
 declare arnoldMassive_LOD_2_TYPE_2_IN constant STRING
 arnoldMassive_LOD_2_TYPE_2_OUT "/absolute/path/to/your/original_agent_B.cdl"
 declare arnoldMassive_LOD_2_TYPE_2_limit constant FLOAT
 arnoldMassive_LOD_2_TYPE_2_limit 1500


In this specific example, agents of type A closer than 1350 will stay with the original cdl file, agents farther than
1350 but closer than 1500 will go with the LOD_1_TYPE_1 specified cdl, and so on.

Detail levels must start at 1, can go as high as you want, and must be paired with a distance limit and an OUT for pairing on multiple agent scenarios.
There's an auto limit planned, but still under developement.