an arnold plugin for massive software rendering

release 1.0.0

relevant closed tickets

#43xml link parametersdefectmassive2arnold core plugin2012/12/11
Description[ shading networks ]
create the exact shading network following xml links
#13bumpenhancementmassive2arnold core plugin2012/10/03
Description[ displacement ]
added bump2d/bump3d support on massive's displacement slot
#36string keyword inside cdldefectmassive2arnold core plugin2012/09/21
Description[ shading ]
get rid of "string" keywords coming from the cdl
#29multiple procedurals slowdowndefectmassive2arnold core plugin2012/05/28
Description[ performance ]
fixing rendertime 2x difference between two ribReader procedurals vs one with both ribs combined.
#27shader override not working on ass exportdefectmassive2arnold core plugin2012/03/02
Description[ shading ]
shader override var has changed from pointer to string
#6inherit ribReader visibilitydefectmassive2arnold core plugin2012/02/14
Description[ visibility ]
all created nodes now inherit ribReader node's visibility