an arnold plugin for massive software rendering

release 1.0.3

relevant closed tickets

#65linux-windows coexistenceenhancementmassive2arnold core plugin13 months
Descriptiona way to render linux-rib files on windows
#67memory crashdefectmassive2arnold core plugin11 months
Descriptionwith chunks bigger than one
#69export user data for agent typeenhancementmassive2arnold core plugin12 months
#70parented transform offsetdefectmassive2arnold core plugin
#73add a way to hide geometries ( by shader ) inside the cdlenhancementmassive2arnold core plugin2 hours
#74parented/not skinned geo and motion blurdefectmassive2arnold core plugin6 months
#75more frequent crashes since rev 169menhancementmassive2arnold core plugin4 months
#76shaderOverride bug with multiple proceduralsdefectmassive2arnold core plugin4 months
Descriptionthe shader override string was not gettin emptied
#77add a way to hide specific agentsenhancementmassive2arnold core plugin17 minutes